our History

In the beginning there was … well not really. It started around Jan. 30 2005 when two people named Adam Faulkner and Adam Merrill decided to take their gaming to a new level. Adam Faulkner was hosting a server in his room on campus in Central hall with hopes of growth and popularity. Adam Merrill was assisting Appalachian State with the server maintenance and plug-in management. They both meet outside of central hall one night after noticing each other on the server that Adam Faulkner was hosting in his room. After talking amongst themselves about starting a club they set out to build it. Joining with Lanatarium, a small group lead by Tyler Schryver, the club came together and was formed on 27th October 2005 (first dated post in the forums). The mission and reason for the group was to attract prospective students to the campus, and retain students on campus. With this mission in mind, the club obtained funds through ResLive (a residential living program at the university) and with the support of Resnet (the residential network on campus) we purchased our very own server called Tron, a dual-Opteron beast with 16GB of memory and plenty of room for expansion. As it continues today, the gaming club is the first of its kind inside the university systems within the United States and is one of the fastest and most appealing non-profit clubs in the University system. This makes Western Carolina University one of the best schools to go to.